Tradition since 1869 Carl Destillations- & Brennereitechnik
Tradition since 1869 Carl Destillations- & Brennereitechnik

About us – Carl …

… and four good reasons why you should buy your distillery system from us. 

For more than 140 years, Carl stands for innovative and trendsetting technology in distillation and brewery equipment.

Tradition and experience | Distillation facilities and technology

Our company has been family-owned already for five generations. For our customers, that means they can be sure to receive distillation facilities from a manufacturer who not only knows his trade, but has refined and optimized lots of things over many years. We are your reliable partner for the entire installation and production process. 
That means that we as your manufacturer design your distillation facilities as well as your  distillation technology in close cooperation with you, install them at your place, and launch them together with you. 

Counseling and service | Your tailor-made distillery

Moreover, we will always be there – even when everything is complete: we will help you with problems and questions, when it comes to optimizing processes to make them more efficient. No matter if you just buy a still or an entire factory equipment. For we take care of each and every customer individually, taking care of what our clients actually need. We know that satisfied customers always come back. This is why we support you personally – every single day – to improve our products and our service even more. For you. 

Your distillation facility – from the size of the still to our service during operation

Our wide range distillery technology and facilities leaves nothing to be desired. We offer you the most modern installations for settlement and licensed distillery, as well as competent counseling concerning all the steps your distillation includes. If you decide to purchase one of our stills, we also offer you the same customer service during the entire lifetime of the facility. 

Ask us

The services we offer include thorough and professional cleaning and maintenance of you distillation facility, as to keep up the quality of your products, and to ensure the safety of your staff. If you’re new to the business, or if you are starting your own company, we will be happy to support you with our decades of experience in the distillery business. Thus, we can help you avoiding costly mistakes: from the very beginning, you will be able to produce high-quality products that will succeed in the market. If you are about to purchase a distillation facility, you’ve come to exactly the right place.

We are looking forward to hearing from you: already now, we promise you the best quality and first-rate service.