Automation of distilleries

Production is no longer done manually!

Today, it is important to produce spirits efficiently to remain competitive. We at CARL take care of the processes of your distillery: thus, you can perfectly control them, work just in time, and be a great competitor in a global world. All our facilities can be regulated and controlled in many different ways. We plan and develop the degree of automation together with you, since the many possibilities range from manual control to fully automatic computerized process control. 

As for large commercial distilleries you can access the same parameters for every distillation process. That improves the quality of your finished products, for the consumer knows what her or she can expect. 

Small version

Our small version is a real all-rounder: automatic distillation control including heat-up function, automatic fractioning, automatic dephlegmator cooling following the distillation, and much, much more. On a touch screen, you get the parameters displayed, and you can change them. All valves are controlled electronically. 

This is deal for manufacturing spirits at relatively low temperatures, when the pressure control system cannot manage temperature control due to a lack of pressure inside the facility. 

Professional solution

The professional solution with its industrial standard offers highest quality equipment, even up to automatically controlling the alcohol strength. A large touch screen provides you with a quick overview of all distillation parameters. Recipes can be recorded, saved, and retrieved individually. All valves function automatically. Many renowned companies around the globe operate this automated solution, and are fully satisfied and impressed by its clarity and reliability.