The CARL copper catalyzer offers …

… an extremely vast copper surface to reduce ethyl carbamate, in order to achieve especially mild brandies. 

Its core is a very big and highly active copper surface (copper lamellas in packings) with a specific surface of 350 m², integrated in a stainless steel sheathing. 

This construction produces a reduction of EC and volatile acids, while preserving the aroma. The position of the copper catalyzer is parallel to the column and the condenser, thus vertical, like everything in distillation technology

You can be sure that subsequent components, such as fatty acids, are kept away by the active copper surface. As a standard feature, the Carl Copper catalyzer is equipped with a built-in spray nozzle. This high-pressure cleaning nozzle, mounted over the catalyzer, sprinkles all parts of the copper packing. Another advantage is that our catalyzer can be cleaned separately, isolated from all other parts of the distillery: that avoids aroma losses possibly due to any kind of carryover of cleaning agents. You can swiftly remove the copper packing of this catalyzer (simply open the cap) to vary the surface, or to clean them when dismantled.

Scientific research has rewarded us with top ratings when it comes to remove EC and volatile acids, as well as for the possibilities of cleaning we offer. 

Thanks to this technology, the Carl catalyzer sets new standards for EC-poor distillates that keep their entire intensive aroma. 

Efficiency, cleanability, and variability leave nothing to be desired. Of course, the catalyzer can also be integrated into existing distilleries.