Requirements for cleaning a distillery …

… are especially the following features:

  • still, helmet, and column have to be equipped with spray nozzles,
  • the tubing must have a central connection,
  • and the pump, including its adaptors and tube, must be acid- and alkali-proof. 

To ensure a perfect circulation, the pump (including adaptors and tubes) has to be installed in such a way that its intake is at the stillage discharge, and that the pump’s pressure connection is linked to the central connection of the pressure pump tubing. This kind of installation has the effect that the cleaning solution sprayed in ends up at the deepest point of the still (stillage discharge), and can thus be sprayed in again. 
Watch out! Before you start cleaning, still, helmet, and column should be free of solid parts such as peels, stones, mash residuals, etc. 

Prepare the individual cleaning solutions in the still, then let them circulate for something between 
1st step: flush with water – if possible, hot water (70 °C) for two minutes.
2nd step: flush with 0.5-wt% (soda, NaOH, KOH) lye (or a dishwasher solution) for about ten minutes at around 60 °C. 
3rd step: flush with warm water for about five minutes.
4th step: flush with 2-wt% citric acid solution for about ten minutes at around 30 °C.
5th step: rinse with warm or cold water for about two minutes.