Licensed distillery – a field where we …

… can offer lots of very individual solutions. This is the field in which you will profit from all our experience in spirit production, to make sure your customers get the very best of all. Detailed solutions, high quality, and individual manufacturing of your distillation facility does not have to mean the opposite of great value for money. The contrary is true: thanks to decades of manufacturing distilleries we proudly claim to be producing in a very competitive manner. Many globally active producers of well-knows spirit brands place their trust in us – and in our licensed distillery facilities

In many countries, “licensed distillery” means that the producer doesn’t have direct access to his or her “untaxed” distillate. In Germany, the facilities are even locked twice – all alcohol-bearing parts of the distillery must be double encased, with the alcohol either flowing through a flowmeter, or being collected in double-locked tanks. Fractionation is often done using an also sealed sampling tap with a predefined output, of which the meter also registers every sample taken. Due to the higher amount of work that has to be invested, compared to traditional settlement distilleries, such installations are substantially more expensive. 

As for the laws and regulations of your country, state, or region, please take your local conditions into account. 

If you consider setting up a  licensed distillery where many parts have to be locked, we recommend the purchase of two distillation stills: one that is sealed for the first distillation, and an open one for the second distillation. You find pictures of such twin installations on this page.

Around the globe, licensed distilleries operate under the most various tax legislations. In many countries, double sealing of the entire installation is not necessary, and only one appliance is sealed.