Our range of products covers the equipment …

… for producing ideal mashes from all established basic materials in the distillery business. Among them are, for instance, agitators, stainless steel tanks, fermentation vessels, mash pumps, mash tanks, fermenters, mash tanks. All of these come tailor-made for you. 

Grain mash:

For mashing grain, corn, and malt, we offer complete solutions from those for 50 to 100 kilos of raw material up to large plants. We attach special importance to solid constructions when it comes to mash tanks and agitators, as enormous forces are especially at work during the gelatinization of starch. The mash tanks have been equipped with specifically designed agitator paddles, as well as a sheathing that can also serve for cooling. Heating as you wish, most often by means of direct steam. 

Fruit mash:

From acceptance to grinding and sieving of your fruit, from stone removal to the necessary pumping – we will be happy to arrange your complete fruit mashing system. Our vast experience covers almost everything from apples to sweet potatoes and tropical fruit.


Molasses distillery keeps becoming more and more important in the production of spirits. To achieve clean fermentation and high alcohol yield, make sure you keep an eye on the necessary dilution, nutrient dosing, and fermentation control. We will provide you with the necessary containers and processing instructions.