“Settlement distillery” (traditional micro distillery) is a term …

… from German alcohol excise laws – but such facilities may be permitted in your region as well. It designates a distillery that is not locked by the local tax authorities. 

We produce such small installations with capacities between 20 and 150 liters with the utmost care. Like with all facilities, we focus on the best possible quality while keeping an eye on cost effectiveness as well. These efficient installations produce distillates, thanks to the use of tried and tested components, best possible copper workingoffering coppersmith quality, and the outstanding cooperation between our construction and manufacturing departments. 

Our distilleries are classified according to their still diameters and the corresponding capacities:

Diameter 400 mm: capacity 20 liters
Diameter 500 mm: capacity 50 liters
Diameter 600 mm: capacity 80 liters
Diameter 680 mm: capacity 100-145 liters
Diameter 750 mm: capacity 150 liters

CARL 400 is a distillery with a diameter of 400 mm with a simple helmet.
CARL 400 F comes with a rectification column instead of the helmet. 
CARL 400 NF comes with a helmet and a column next to it. 

Technical data for settlement distilleries (micro distilleries)